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Contin Mariangela 428384/LL Faulkner’s “A rose for Emily”: the narration The narrator in this short story is an omniscent one, endowed with the ability of inner view into the minds of his characters. He echoes the words, thoughts and suspicions of an entire small-town community, and he seems to be fully acquainted with its ways. He is someone from the “inside”, someone who probably lives in the community. Although he never gives up his …

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…there. He breaks the spell around Miss Emily’s life and around the secret room, which he has been building on the previous pages. The second and final version of the short story A Rose for Emily wins on its quality by dropping out the dialogue of Emily and Tobe, included in the first version. This scene threatened to ruin the narrative coherence and the poetics of the text as well as the final suprise.