A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin In The Sun Dreams are vital to the life of every person. Without dreams, there is nothing to plan or look forward to. The Younger family in A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry has many dreams for their future that a $10,000 insurance check guarantees them. I also have dreams and hopes for my future, college, a job, and a family are all things that I want to have, some day. Due …

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…that she can fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Bennie’s dream is not really taken seriously by anyone since black doctors were unheard of, much less a female one. Still, her mother believed in her and supported her by giving Bennie $3,000 of her check by way of having Walter Jr. put it in the bank for her. Unfortunately, he put it all into his dream instead and lost her future along with his.