A Medieval Romance

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Mark Twain wrote an interesting short story named “A Medieval Romance”. The story involved characters getting caught in deception and lies by their own greed. Twain shows the consequences of being someone you are not through this short story. In broader aspect Twain composed the short story in such a way that he shows how greed can overpower almost any morals a person may have. Greed usually provokes behavior that would cause a person to …

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…the harder it will be to get out. Twain doesn’t even end the story because he doesn’t know how, he knows that whatever ending he chooses it will be unfavorable. Twain gives the reader an entertaining story and also a thought about who the reader really is inside and why are they like that. Works Cited Twain, Mark, “A Medieval Romance”, The Unabridged Mark Twain, Lawrence Teacher (ED), is held under public domain.