A Look at Grief in Home Burial

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The poem, “Home Burial” by Robert Frost, tells of a child that was buried not long in the past and of the sorrow of the wife and husband. The husband’s grief is not as apparent as the wife’s heartache. The husband has become accustomed to his feeling, but the wife is reminded every time she passes the stairway window. In the Bedford Introduction to Literature, it asks the the questions, ”Is the husband …

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…pitied him is because I can relate. After that, my sympathy stays with him. Every time he tries to keep the wife, comfort her, or discuss the problem she tries to leave. Also, I feel for him because the wife does not see that her pain is hurting him. So, I do sympathize with him a little more then her, but Frost’s way of writing this story leaves it open to lean either way.