A Leader Is Born: A Tribute To George W. Bush

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A Leader Is Born: A Tribute To George W. Bush Make no mistake; this hour will be America's finest hour. This is America's opportunity to unite. For many decades we have yearned for the strength of yesteryear America. This is at our doorstep. This is the Americans chance to put all the issues of self-interest aside; to put aside bickering and stand united. Our President whom only yesterday stood over a divided nation will unite …

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…tread down the path of an uncertain tomorrow. Leadership is about what one is, not just what one does. About character, not just charisma. About credibility, not just credentials. The President has something far more important than management skills, the ability to ask tough questions, garner essential information, and make discerning decisions. Such intelligence can be fostered and polished. George W. Bush gives us the virtues of freedom, security and democracy. He gives us hope.