A History of the Beatles

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Probably the most popular, influential and enduring rock group of all time, the Beatles almost single-handedly reshaped rock 'n' roll from a genre of throwaway singles by faceless stars to an artistic medium with memorable images and idols. The Beatles placed the emphasis on a group, rather than a single individual, like Frank Sinatra or Elvis. They also set an example for all rock n roll bands to follow with their strong sense of self-determination, …

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…away, they live on, almost vividly, in the hearts of the youth in the world. Nothing before or since the Beatles has affected people in such a huge way. Forty years ago, four young lads from Liverpool, England got together and grew and grew until they were bigger than anything thatís ever been seen in the music industry. They live forever in me, the world, in music, in everything. Love surrounds them for eternity.