A Hard Days Night Searching for a Hero in The Sun Also Rises

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A Hard Day's Knight: Searching for a Hero in The Sun Also Rises Unlike many of the books published before the 1920s, in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises there is a distinct lack of the stereotypical nineteenth-century hero figure. In looking for such a hero, the reader expects one character to stand out as the champion of a moral truth or of a standard above mere human existence. Though all of the main characters exhibit …

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…that the sun also rises; it rises on the hope of a hero in each of their futures. Perhaps their seemingly endless cycle will be broken and one of the group can rise out of the ashes to an existence better than the drunken blur that is their life now. As Jake realizes, however, in the final line, the faith in such a forecast is but wishful thinking. But "isn't it pretty to think so?