A Feminist Approach

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For sure, in a present existence that seems to me as diminutive as prehistory, I too thought I would get married. I speak of my seventh, my twelve years of age. However, it is strange: the more I organize and search through my memory of that person I was, the less I find the word "marriage." As an only child, I found myself observing wives, husbands, fiancées, the betrothed. That even then gave me …

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…exquisite, irresistible, and triumphal relief. How can these feelings exist? I suppose I am only human, and I go wagging my tail, as happy and as free as a dog without a master. Works Cited Owen, James L., Seibert, David R., Zimmerman, Gordon L. Speech Communication. New York: West Publishing Co., 1977. Works Consulted Otterbein, Keith F. Comparative Cultural Analysis. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winsten, Inc., 1972. HTTP://WWW.AMA-ASSN.ORG/SCI-PUBS/MSJAMA/POETRY/MARRIAGE.HTM