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Ernest Hemingway A Farwell To Arms Ernest Hemingway intended this book for a mature audience. Considering the way he describes the horrors of the book. Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell to Arms uses nature to structure the novel and provide symbols that replace human emotions. Nature serves as a basic structure for the plot and the actions that occur. It also emerges as a source of symbols that replace human sentiment or feelings. Characters die …

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…and left things unanswered. The first question that never was answered is How does the war affect the characters' love story? Ernest Hemingway never said if it is fair to call A Farewell to Arms an anti-war novel? My opinion is that it is in way fair to call A Farewell to Arms a anti-war novel because it describes the horrors of war. This dissuades people to like war or believe in war. Bibliography none