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A Doll's House- Essay In many literary works, there are characters in which portray both similarities and differences. In the Play "A Doll's House," by Henrik Ibsen, two of the characters have many oppositions and congruencies. These characters go by the names of Nora Helmer and Mrs. Linde. Ibsen characterizes these women by describing their comparable and contrasting personalities. He does this by describing their financial situations as well as their family lives. He describes …

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…Linde's benevolent qualities. Nora Helmer and Mrs. Linde are characters of numerous capabilities. While they both share the qualities of strength and unhappiness, they also differ considerably. Mrs. Linde shows a sense of responsibility and ambition, but Nora does not know the meaning of the word responsibility nor does she have any ambition. She finally realizes this at the end of the play when she decides to leave and mature enough to handle life's challenges.