A Critical Survey of Poe

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Poe is unquestionably one of the great American writers of all time. He was far ahead of his time with his vision of a special area of human experience the "inner world" of dream, hallucination, and imagination. There is a distinct connection between Poe's nightmarish life and his works. His fictional works resemble a distressed individual who has a pattern of dreams night after night with the same repeating tone of terror. Critics interpret his …

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…a style of its own and will never be duplicated by any in the centuries to come. His own life was too influential and too unique which is quite possibly the foundation of his works. Though his works are not easy to replicate they will never be forgotten. All throughout the world and for an eternity, lines and phrases from poems such as "Annabel Lee," "Ulalume," and "The Raven" will be etched within our minds.