A Critical Analysis of The Raven

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Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, representing Poe’s own crisis, is oddly moving and eye-catching to the reader. In his essay entitled The Philosophy of Composition, Poe reveals his purpose in writing The Raven and also describes the work of constructing the poem as being calculated in all aspects. Of all the distressing topics, Poe wished to use the one that was universally understood, death, specifically death involving a loved one. The tone seemingly …

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…to give emphasis to the developing tone of sadness. Through The Raven, Poe makes a personal, withdrawn torment strangely interesting and tasteful to all. The realism of his torment is brilliantly defined by the arrival of the raven. We the reader can only sit and enjoy how one man can delve into the void of insanity, as Poe makes a harsh and personal situation into something that can be presentable and enjoyable for the reader.