A Critical Analysis of Oz

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"Inmates of 'Oz' are Evil" "Oz" is an eight episode miniseries drama which is shown on HBO Wednesday evenings at ten o'clock. It is necessary to note that since HBO is a cable television network, it is not subject to the same restrictions that are placed upon basic networks. Oz is the nickname for the Oswald Maximum Security Prison. The setting is Emerald City, or "Em City" as referred to by the inmates. The warden …

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…or in this case, even with the help of a warden and administrator. This shows us that, in this state, which is comparable to primitive man in some ways, man is evil and out for himself. He has trouble getting along with others because they interfere with his well being by being out for themselves as well. The senseless violence that occurs within Em City proves all of these points. At heart, man is evil.