A Comparison of Arthur Miller's Play The Crucible, and Edna St. Vincent's poem Justice denied in Massachusetts.

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History had left many with wrongful convictions, while no one can be certain of a person's innocents, looking back it appears as if many trials were conducted poorly, and that the convictions of were based on unreliable and unbelievable circumstantial evidence. Now, only in hindsight, is it seen the errors made initially, and the failure of justice caused hysteria. Never is this more evident then in Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, and Edna St. Vincent …

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…have the overall view that society is plagued by injustices and that corruption is so rampant that it will never be able to return to judging a situation fairly. The persecution of the innocent for beliefs they hold true, and their wrongful convictions in their society, due to the unjust leaders and law enforcers. Society has created a dark cloud over society, causing a great depression and loss of will to fight these social injustices.