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KRISTY HEWITT 11B “AWAY” ANALYTICAL ESSAY Throughout “Away” many characters go through changes, Gwen changes from a nagging housewife into a sympathetic and more balanced individual. Roy goes from being very insecure about life to knowing how to deal with his problems and live life as it comes. Coral, is also very insecure about life after the death of her son, she is longing for attention and doesn’t know how to be around people. …

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…her grief and live life as it comes. Coral at the start: Act 2 Scene 3 “I don’t ignore anyone.” To Coral at the end: Act 3 Scene 3 “ I like to talk.” Everyone goes through changes thoughout their lives some are noticeable and some are not so noticeable. Some changes are drastic and some are only minor. You can never know when someone will change it just happens. We all change at different stages of our lives.