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Many feel that Casablanca is Bogart's best film. I disagree - but for those who don't To Have and Have Not is a must-see film. It's Casablanca with a different setting, this time we find Bogart playing Harry Morgan, crewing a ship out for hire. His lovely lady is Lauren Bacall in her motion picture debut playing the dark and mysterious Slim. Teamed up with Harry's alcoholic side-kick Eddie, Cricket the night-club manager by night, …

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…Have or Have Not doesn't have an artistic frame in it's reel. There are no allusions to art or literature - just to sex. There are no deep and meaningful symbolic representations. It's pure Hollywood, and although many will hate to admit it pure Hollywood can be good. To Have and Have Not may not offer anything new and exciting, but it doesn't need to, what it offers is something good, and that's good enough.