A Need for Online Education.

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The creation of the Internet has had a great impact in the world of interactions. The Internet provides opportunities for distributed systems, worldwide collaboration and presentation of information, all of which have helped immensely in bringing even great distances closer together. The Internet's greatest place of impact is in the realm of distance learning and online coursework. Computer technology has increased at such a pace that learning is adapting and taking place outside of face-to-face …

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…UCF should offer more online classes to help satisfy the students in their wants and needs. Works Cited: Mendocino College. "What You Can Expect as an Online Student." http:// <Tab/>library.mendocino.cc.ca.us/online/expectations.html Thomas, Charlotte. "Distance Learning Goes the Distance." Family PC Magazine. Oct <Tab/>2001: 43. United States. Department of Education. Department of Education Organization Act. <Tab/>Washington: GPO, 1998.