A Letter to Shakespeare

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A Letter to Shakespeare January 23, 1997 William Shakespeare Stratford upon Avon Dear Mr. Shakespeare         Just recently, I have read what it probably your most highly acclaimed works, Romeo and Juliet. I must give you credit for doing some great work with it, being that there are many people who enjoy it tremendously, however, I have a few problems with your story. I guess the main point that I am trying to stress, is that your story, …

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…given you some ideas on how to improve one of your greatest writings and a little bit of your personal information as well so that others can benefit from it and be able to appreciate you and your hard work even more. Don't just stop with this story though, you could use these suggestions on all of your writings. I hope that I haven't been a nag. Thank you very much for your time.                                                      Sincerely,