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Kavita Makadia ` European History: Thirty Years’ War The Thirty Years’ War is said to be "the last and most destructive of the wars of religion."(Kagan. The Western Heritage. Pg.408) There were many occurrences in the years preceding the war that unavoidably caused the fighting. There was conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants and the Calvinists and the Lutherans, who all believed in sacrificing for their religious beliefs and expansion of their political control. …

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…their beliefs. The Holy Roman Emperor, seeing his power and control, immediately took advantage of this by attempting to convert all of his people to believing his own beliefs. For the last four hundred years, much of Europe has remained as it had been divided in the Treaty of Westphalia, a direct result of the war. Had the war not have occurred, Europe would not as successful as today in its economic and political power.