1984, the book vs. the movie

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1984 George Orwell's 1984, the book, presented the audience with a dreadful view of what the future looked like. He presented the future in one of the slogans of the Party: "freedom is slavery." All the citizens in Oceania were practically under a "microscope" the whole day, except the Proles, mainly to keep a close watch for any traitors of the party like Goldstein. The telescreens were the primary things to maintain order on the land, and …

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…three scenes in the movie and the character of the proles. Party members' freedom was like slavery in that they were limited to only some things. They couldn't think about anything against the Party, say anything against the Party, or do anything on their own because there were telescreens everywhere in Oceania. The society, in whole, was very corrupt that limited free will and displayed a digusting picture of what the future would look like.