1984 Orwell 2

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Insanity is Unlike Beauty, for it has Nothing to With the Beholders Eye, but Instead the Public's View O'Brien insists that Winston is insane. In Winston's society it is suicide to go against Big Brother. A simple smirk can be a first degree crime in Oceania. Winston knew that he was guilty of thought crime, but he went farther and farther in his efforts to rebel against Big Brother. Eventually his original thoughtcrime had turned …

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…party's ideals and slogans had bludgeoned out of existence. And in so doing, the party had created fully devoted Party members where humans used to exist. The idea of conjuring humans out of party members was insane, just as insane as creating visions and voices which only the owner can see. Oceania's idea of insanity is not too different than today's society idea of insanity; the chalklines of sane thought had just been drawn differently.