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1984 Book Overvieew Winston Smith, who worksin the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, revising the past as it appears in the newspapers, is dissatisfied living under the inflexible, outwardly paternalistic government of Oceania, epitomized in the ever-present picture of Big Brother. His dissatisfaction increased by the austerity characteristic of daily life, at first he rebels in small ways: writing in a diary, an acy viewed with suspicion by the Thought Police; speculating about the …

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…love O’Brien; together day after day for nine months, they converse finally as if friends. Preparation for the final stage in Winston’s education, acceptance, comes in the dreaded Room 101, where Winston is made to face what he secretly fears most. Completely subjugated- physically, emotionally, and mentally- Winston is released. Upon the occasion of a threatened attack on Oceania and the defaet of the enmy, Winston feels gratitude for, and love for, Big Brother.