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In 1984 George Orwell suggests that the repression of family bonds, human individuality, and artistic expression in order to attain a stable environment makes the achievement of a perfect state unrealistic. A perfect state in this situation refers to epitomized, idealistic, utopian society. This is a place where not only does the community run smoothly, but each member of the society is content and well. It is shown that the society examined, Oceania, does not possess …

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…thing holding this society together is stability. It reinforces the control and power of the elite class, and allows them to manipulate the lower classes. The Outer party in 1984 paid the price of their family bonds, their human individualism, and their creativity and ability to think for the good of the whole community. But through the loss of these things, through the loss of all that makes us who we are, both societies remain dystopic.