1916 by Morgan Llywelyn

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President Ben Mitchell 1916 by Morgan Llywelyn Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York City; her parents were Irish and Welsh-Irish. She is an Irish citizen and lives in Ireland year round. The majority of her books cover Ireland and Irish history. Ms. Llywelyn is the only woman to have walked the entire length and width of Ireland. Ned Halloran is on the Titanic with his mother and father. They are going to his sister Kathleen's …

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…lera, and Joe Plunkett. The "rising" lasted for about a week, with Patrick Pearse being the man who orders the Irish Republican Army surrender. For his part in the so-called "Easter Rebellion," Pearse is executed along with at least fifteen others. At the end of the book, Ned goes to Saint Edna's School. He sees Sile along with the orphan girl at the top of the stairs. Sile says, "We've been searching for you everywhere."