1907 russian revolution

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Why did revolution break out in 1917 and why were the Bolsheviks able to seize power in October 1917? There were many reasons for revolution breaking out in 1917 in Russia. Many of which could be put up to the Tsar and his lack of “Tsar like” qualities. Other problems, which had been around for a longer period, were lack of food and poor working conditions and pay. The Tsar banned all freedom of speech and press. Tsar …

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…ways. 1 Gaining the support of the Petrograd garrison and turning them against the Provisional government and 2 the Bolshevik commissars infiltrated key divisions of the army. Now the Bolsheviks controlled good parts of Russia’s army and the Petrograd garrison. Then they gained the support of the Russian public by promising food, heath, and land for everyone. To sum it up the Bolsheviks took power by controlling the army and manipulation of the public’s minds.