12 angry men

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Vinny Menichetti 12/12/99 English10RS/Mrs.Krause Period 2 Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for all your time and service. I believe my client is innocent of these charges and you must keep in mind that if you have a reasonable doubt in your mind that this boy is innocent then u must vote not guilty and save his life. Keep in mind if you are doubtful and you vote “guilty” this boy’s life will be …

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…reasonable doubt in your mind. Do you honestly think that all of these pieces of evidence is that strong enough to leave no reasonable doubt in your mind? Keep in mind if you vote guilty you are taking this young boy’s life away from him, and if u vote guilty with reasonable doubt in your mind then you should be on trial for murder. Thank your for your time. Bibliography 12 angry men, Author Rhodes, 1975