100 years of degradation

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Will Sams 100 Years Of Degradation Documentation style: MLA Target Publication: Baker’s Best of 095 Papers Audience: Interested students attending Heartland Community College in English 090 or 094. Form/Genre: Essay Description/ Teacher Assignment: Students were assigned this essay as an inside look at oppression and racism from the last one hundred years, told by two elderly ladies in the book, Having Our Say. 100 Years of Degradation There are several books that have to be read in English 095. …

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…students will probably enjoy this type of reading. There is so much more to this book than just the required reading. If you really look, there is an all new type of culture that our generation has never experienced. These are the things that make reading fun. Bibliography Delany, Sarah L. and A. Elizabeth. Having Our Say. New York: Dell Publishing, 1993. Poem by Arna Bontemps. “Nocturne of Wharves”. http://www.nku.edu/~diesmanj/bontemps.html.