100 year history of electronic instruments

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Even 100 Year History of Electronic Instruments before the turn of the century, when the electronic age was still in its infancy, the first attempts to generate sound from electricity had begun. By 1901, Thaddeus Cadhill had already manufactured the Telharmonium, an electric organ, powered by dynamos and designed to send sound down telephone lines. The Telharmonium proved to be the first of several forward-thinking electronic instruments to be developed in the early part of the century, …

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…even old analogue devices could be fitted with Midi Converters. This meant that any piece of equipment could now be synchronized up to any other. Samplers continued to improve and the arrival of physical modeling in the 90's provided the next step in synth technology. The most important innovations were computer sequencing program's like Steinburg's Pro 24 and later Cu-Base. These programs provided producers with a full-screen visual display and far more ophisticated levels of control.