(Inherit The Wind) A Comparison Of Brady's Case Versus Drummond's Case.

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Brady and Drummond, two former partners, beginning their legal lives working together. Now each one strives to be superior, confident in their ways and beliefs, trying to out-do the other. Despite a common goal, the two gradually became very different people, as is evident in the play and movie,Inherit the Wind. Throughout the years, as each one fought cases, established a name for themselves, and gained popularity (or notoriety), they kept a careful watch …

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…he watched many of them walking out of the courtroom door, their backs turned upon him. He screamed over the din, trying to regain something, anything, he once had. And all this only took from him the one thing he still had left... the steady beating of a human heart. And Drummond, Bible and Darwin in hand, was the only one of the two extremely different ex-partners to walk out of the courtroom that day.