(Descriptive paper) The Mead Hall in Beowulf

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As I know, you shall be pleased to hear, I am fine and well. My journey has beenquite splendid and a breath of fresh air. Truly, I did need this time away. I pen this letter to you to tell you of the remarkable mead hall I stumbled in which I attended a lively banquet. The hall was built by the king of the Danes. He is named Hrothgar and he named it Heorot, the …

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…warriors. But my friend, enough of the sadness that may overhang the eaves of this great hall. My main purpose in penning this letter to you is to ask you if you'd like to journey out and meet me at this great hall. I know the journey is hot and long, but I am sure once you arrive and witness first-hand this magnificent hall, you will feel as captivated by it as I have been.