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Letter "P" » Paige Patterson Quotes
«We don't care what society thinks ... we only care what God thinks»
«Numerous leads have come in from South Florida. We are determining how valid they are and then putting them in priority and pursuing the most important leads first. There have been some real positive tips.»
«[Patterson said he expected McDonnall to be transported from Iraq to the hospital on Wednesday.] We continue to find it amazing that people of a violent turn will take out people who are there purely on humanitarian aid grounds, and trying to help them, ... But that's the violence that's typical of our world now, unfortunately.»
«I'm having a lot of fun with the fight scene because Emily and I are friends. I'm lucky to be doing that with such a good actress because Emily makes me stay in character. Once we start, we don't break character.»
«This is definitely the most demanding role I've ever had. It's almost like a job. I've found myself having to do research and really work at this character. It's much harder memorizing lines when they're all in a thick Irish accent.»
«The Bible says not to forbid speaking in tongues, since the miracle of Acts 2, for example, was a miracle of God. However, Paul builds in so many restrictions in 1 Corinthians 14 as to make the practice of mere utterance, what is practiced mostly today, virtually of little value.»
«I cannot imagine why anyone could feel betrayed. Most of us don't make deals; we try to understand Scripture and faithfully preach it.»

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