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Letter "J" » John Taylor Quotes
«It is one thing to say you're going to introduce online gaming, but it is another thing to say it's really fun to play with, ... Just because a console's Web-enabled doesn't mean it's fun to play with. Somebody's got to come up with an online game that people want to play.»
«Sega is one of the handful of companies that can aspire to be one of the global leaders in game software, ... They can be a king maker for a platform.»
«[Arakawa and Main] clearly had a co-equal role in getting Nintendo to the place where it is, ... It was a combination of vision and execution. The two made an excellent team.»
«Up until now, the primary users of PlayStation 2 and the Xbox were guys over 20 years old,»
«We're coming off several quarters in a row where commercial IT buyers were not buying much of anything. That's the limitation, ... It's going to take several quarters for demand to rebuild so the IPO market will be coming back in baby steps.»
«I think it's enough for Microsoft because there's a pretty good opportunity for Microsoft to start to sell into households that already own PS2s,»
«There's been a lot of hand wringing going on because of what the cost outlook is for game development for the next set of platforms, ... I think there's a growing feeling that in order to build and launch a game you're going to have to start at the $20 million mark - $10 million to build the game and $10 to launch it with a big splash. In order to be able to make any money on that kind of investment, you either have to assume some substantial unit numbers, which are hard to do in the first year or two of a platform's existence, or you've got to raise prices.»
«I think we ought to assume that $59.99 is going to be the place we start for game prices,»
«In the past, the perception that something has a premium price point has led to the demise of the platform, ... You can look at Sega as an example of that. You can look at 3DO as an example. Microsoft is going to be incredibly sensitive to that.»
«The ECB won't raise rates,»

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