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Letter "J" » John Taylor Quotes
«The pricing decision is going to depend on what features get delivered in a high quality way. If the product delivers a really high quality video and audio experience, then I don't think they need to drop down to the DS [price] level. If, on the other hand, it's going to be just a game machine, I think they'd be well advised to drop the price.»
«If you can tap into a vein of interest that they have, then you've got a high probability of having a commercial success on your hands. And if that spills into the mass market, then you've got an overwhelming success.»
«When 'Grand Theft Auto III' was originally released, no one had any idea it was going to be near as large as it was. It took six to eight weeks before people realized something unusual was happening and that there was crossover appeal to that game.»
«Opening price points are still where they were. In other words, you still launch at $49, but after a few weeks go by, demand dries up. So you're not seeing games hold the price point as long.»
«I think the closest real world equivalent to this is the market for action figures, ... I've never heard of a digital actor being sold, though.»
«People have been overwhelmed by the graphical performance, but I haven't heard it described in those terms,»
«Because VC firms are managing other people's money, they are on the line to produce returns, ... The demonstrated potential for return has to be darn good.»
«That's the whole idea. They actively work alongside the entrepreneur, but typically as an involved board members.»
«VC firms have historically done much better than the public market. It's the nature of high-growth capital. The participation is active and the business plans are reviewed more carefully.»
«A smart entrepreneur will go back and present it again.»

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