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Letter "J" » John Edwards Quotes
«ready for this fight.»
«I think it represents in many ways the downfall of the Bush administration, which is the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the state of Ohio as a result of their tax policies and their trade policies, ... The people of Ohio will be looking for new leadership.»
«If you are listening to the sound of my voice and you earn less than $200,000, you will get a bigger tax break under an Edwards administration than you're presently getting under a Bush administration.»
«We seem determined to act alone for the sake of acting alone, which may be the easy way to achieve our short-term ends -- but will never result in long-term security,»
«We come from different places, and we present different choices, ... Do you believe that change is more likely to be brought about by someone who has spent 20 years in Washington, or by someone who's more of an outsider to this process?»
«What we did is we voted on a resolution. It is for the president of the United States to determine how to conduct the war. That's his responsibility, ... What this comes down to is this president has failed in his responsibility.»
«denies effective remedy for patients in court.»
«He has to go negative on Kerry because Democrats don't see any reason not to vote for Kerry. They're perfectly happy with him,»
«These are questions you should ask me and the other candidates: First, how much does your plan cost? Are you going to have to raise taxes on middle-class and working families to pay for it,»
«They saw up close what he's made of,»

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