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Letter "J" » John Edwards Quotes
«[So does Edwards want to live at the Naval Observatory?] If asked, I am sure he would say yes, ... there was, or is, no plan to be the running mate. It is not how he works. He was running for president.»
«We're going to have a campaign and an election, not a coronation.»
«I think the race is clearly narrowing. If you look at the results in Tennessee and Virginia tonight and look at the results of the week before where I won in South Carolina and I beat Sen. Kerry in Oklahoma, this is becoming very focused, ... He's in front and I'm the underdog. We're going to have a tough contest here in Wisconsin but this is going to go on for weeks to come.»
«Remember it was a little over a month ago, Larry, that all the pundits on your show said it looks like Gov. [Howard] Dean's got this thing wrapped up. It's been about five weeks since then and look what's happened. We've had somebody who was the presumed favorite already who's clearly not any longer and that could happen again, ... The American people want to see this campaign play itself out and I feel very strong about our position right now.»
«We've waited four years for this victory, ... We can wait one more night.»
«Tonight, we are keeping our word and we will fight for every vote. You deserve no less,»
«They are two very different things -- arguing in front of a jury [instead of] millions of people. This is a political debate, not a trial.»
«This debate will come down to substance. It will come down to who can make the better case. Vice President Cheney will focus on making that case.»
«But the starting place of that negotiation would be they have to stop what they're doing now,»
«They have to discontinue the development of this nuclear weapons program.»

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