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Letter "J" » John Edwards Quotes
«the president and the vice president tried to use our Constitution and the amendment of that Constitution as a political tool, and the United States Senate, they said, 'No. We will not accept it.' »
«Is this guy ready for this fight? ... I've been getting ready for this fight my whole life. I am so ready for this fight, you have to give me a shot at George Bush. If you give me a shot at George Bush, I will give you back the White House.»
«It is critical that America stay committed and engaged in this region.»
«I think that we've heard a lot of things. We have heard from the officials in Uzbekistan that they believe he is in Pakistan. We have some other information from here. I think the reality is we are trying to locate him specifically and that we will find him,»
«whatever [Democratic Senate nominee] Erskine Bowles wants him to do.»
«He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me! ... I said, `Who's going to kill you?' and she said, 'O.J.' I said, `You mean O.J. Simpson, the football player?' and she said, `Yes'.»
«There is so much energy and excitement and momentum behind this campaign right now, and it's for a very simple reason,»
«The country is hungry for that.»
«I recognize that different states will address this in different ways, and I will oppose any effort to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution in response to the Massachusetts decision,»
«The truth is he is the one man who can put an end to these ads. This is a moment of truth for the president. It is time for him to step forward and say three words: Stop these ads.»

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