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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«We will ... succeed at getting a democracy established in Iraq. And I think, when we do, that will be the end of the insurgency.»
«Given the nature of the enemy we face today, and the fact that their ultimate objective is to force us to change our policies and to retreat within our borders, the last thing we need is to convey the impression that terrorists can change our policies through violence and intimidation,»
«The choice the American people will make on November 2 is whether we will continue with the tough, aggressive and effective policies of this administration or revert back to the pre-9/11 mind-set by electing someone whose views on these issues are marked by indecision, confusion and contradiction.»
«California is very important to us, or I wouldn't be here today,»
«very, very top priority for us.»
«Sixteen months ago, Iraq was a gathering threat to the United States and the civilized world, ... Now it is a rising democracy, an ally in the war on terror, and the American people are safer for it.»
«how to deploy these kinds of substances.»
«it is not at all clear that those explosives were even at the weapons facility when our troops arrived in the area of Baghdad. John Kerry doesn't mention that, nor does he mention the 400,000 tons of weapons and explosives that our troops have captured and are destroying.»
«makes it harder for Bush to present the image of a compassionate conservative. Bush has done an extraordinarily good job of moving toward the center, and Cheney, in that sense, would not be helpful.»
«It's pretty clear, as described to me, that he does in fact display significant knowledge of what happened and there's no doubt about his responsibility for the attack on September 11th,»

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