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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«If the purpose of naming an aircraft carrier is to convey the strength and seriousness of this country and our military, then we have certainly accomplished that, ... Something tells me that any potential adversary of the United States will take notice when word arrives that the USS Ronald Reagan has been sighted offshore.»
«[? Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday defended the coalition mission to overthrow Saddam, saying it would have been irresponsible not to take action.] It was Saddam Hussein himself that made war unavoidable, ... We are not going to answer further danger by simply issuing diplomatic protests or sharply worded condemnations. We will not wait in false comfort while terrorists plot against innocent Americans.»
«Tom Daschle, unfortunately, has decided, I think in this case, to be more of an obstructionist, ... Philosophical differences are fine. What we're seeing, though, unfortunately, is that efforts are being made here to artificially erect barriers to Senate action.»
«Cheney's a loyal guy ... and he's come to like the governor.»
«While many memorials will be built to honor Columbia's crew, their greatest memorial will be a vibrant space program with new missions carried out by a new generation of brave explorers,»
«[Nevada's Yucca Mountain is the] furthest along and most advanced ... even there we're not to the point yet where we can make a final decision.»
«Tom Ridge is not a candidate, because he took himself out, ... Wolf Blitzer Reports.»
«As long as we do things or pursue policies that don't increase the supply, then what we'll find on the other end is inadequate supply and spiking prices,»
«There have been some commentary from some of our critics -- Howard Dean comes immediately to mind -- saying somehow that this is being hyped for political reasons, that the data that we collected here, the casing reports that provided the information on these prospective attacks, is old data, four or five years old,»
«Enron got its own page. Exxon's got its own page. Looks to me like Halliburton got its own chapter,»

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