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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«It's vital to get a constitution in place.»
«I'm simply not at liberty to discuss the issue. I understand you've got to ask those questions, but it is an ongoing investigation and we're under instructions not to discuss the matter,»
«It's been pretty well confirmed that he did go to Prague and he did meet with a senior official of the Iraqi intelligence service in Czechoslovakia last April, several months before the attack, ... Meet the Press.»
«We feel they did not fit with our core objectives,»
«My assessment is there is no comprehensive oil policy today,»
«I can look at the data generated by the Defense Department itself: some 40 percent of our Army helicopters not combat ready, the fact that money is now being drained out of the procurement budget to support a lot of the deployments overseas, the fact that the force has gotten as small as it has, ... Clearly, some reductions were justified with the end of the Cold War. But we have gone way beyond that now.»
«All of us recognize that the vast majority of men and women in the business community are honest and above-board. They run solid companies providing goods and services that enhance our quality of life, ... At the same time, they provide jobs for their workers and real value for investors.»
«will run its course.»
«Rebate checks, a rate reduction on tax day and a stimulus package helped turn three quarters of decline into two quarters of growth,»
«He doesn't have a financial interest in the company,»

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