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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«At the very least, we have a right to know what he is saying to foreign leaders that makes them so supportive of his candidacy, ... We are the ones who get to determine the outcome of this election -- not unnamed foreign leaders.»
«That is a fair summary of the problem, ... and it came from Senator Joseph Lieberman.»
«Because we acted, [Saddam Hussein] will never again brutalize the Iraqi people, never again support terrorists or pursue weapons of mass destruction, and never again threaten the United States of America,»
«My first thought was, bold words for a man whose office is the subject of an on-going criminal inquiry. But apparently that's not the subject of polite conversation.»
«Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Crawford, Texas, with General Colin Powell and our wives to spend the day with Governor Bush and Laura Bush. This will give us an opportunity for an extended discussion on the transition between General Powell, myself and Governor Bush,»
«On the question of America's role in the world, the differences between Senator Kerry and President Bush are the sharpest, and the stakes for the country are the highest,»
«History has shown that a strong and purposeful America is vital to preserving freedom and keeping us safe. Yet time and again, Senator Kerry has made the wrong call on national security.»
«A senator can be wrong for 20 years without consequence to the nation, ... But a president, a president, always casts the deciding vote. And in this time of challenge, America needs -- and America has -- a president we can count on to get it right.»
«When this convention concludes tomorrow night, we will go forth with confidence in our cause, and in the man who leads it, ... By leaving no doubt where we stand, and asking all Americans to join us, we will see our cause to victory.»
«We Democrats will expand the prosperity. They will squander it.»

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