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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«We realize that Congress will work its will, ... A legislative process will move forward here. We intend to work with Congress to perfect the bill as it unfolds here.»
«We will confer as well over challenges to regional security and the threat that weapons of mass destruction pose to all of us,»
«When you start to piece it all together, and again we haven't finished the investigation and maybe it is coincidence, but I must say I'm a skeptic, ... I think the only responsible thing for us to do is to proceed on the basis they could be linked.»
«The United States will do all it can to help end the tragic violence between the Palestinians and Israelis and return the parties to a productive negotiating process,»
«He's been free -- and we know he has -- to continue to improve his chemical weapons capability, ... We know he has worked to and has succeeded in improving his biological weapons capability. And we're confident that he has also begun, once again, to try to acquire a nuclear weapon.»
«I obviously, based on the past history, am a skeptic, ... Inspectors were in there for seven years and worked for seven years, and they did a lot of good work. But they didn't get everything.»
«He is bound and determined that we will address this issue, ... We have to deal with the emerging threat. The question is how best to do it. And we'd like to have the support of the international community as we move forward here.»
«Fifteen months ago, it was under the absolute control of a dictator, ... With the assumption of power by the Iraqi interim government ... Iraq is now a country where the government will answer to the people, instead of the other way around.»
«We have to discuss that with the Israelis,»
«We wholeheartedly support the position the prime minister has taken with respect to the question of the Japanese hostages,»

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