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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«one of the most remarkable and important elections in my lifetime.»
«Looks to me like the 9th Circuit could use some new judges,»
«We still have work to do in Iraq, and we will see it through,»
«The thugs and assassins in Iraq are desperately trying to shake our will. Just this morning, they conducted a murderous attack on a hotel in Baghdad. Their goal is to prevent the rise of democracy, but they will fail.»
«I am familiar with the arguments against taking action in the case of Saddam Hussein, ... Some concede that Saddam is evil, power hungry and a menace, but that until he crosses the threshold of actually possessing nuclear weapons, we should rule out any preemptive action. That logic seems to me to be deeply flawed.»
«We realize wars are never won on the defensive, ... We must take the battle to the enemy. We must take every step necessary to make sure our country is secure, and we will prevail.»
«Don't tell them where I am.»
«We're going to have a meeting tomorrow, ... The president's summoned the relevant Cabinet and agency heads to a session in the White House where we'll begin to focus on this.»
«We said two weeks, we mean two weeks,»
«What we've done and will do, I'm sure, in part, is reach out for some experienced hands, but we also are going to want new talent, we're going to want to emphasize diversity and we're going to want a broad Cabinet.»

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