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Letter "D" » Diane Feinstein Quotes
«[Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., obviously not a student of history, is demanding that Roberts cough up his personal views on political issues during his hearings.] What is not a good thing to do is stonewall the (Judiciary) Committee, ... The American people are entitled to know what this man's views are.»
«the will and the culture of this nation in ways that are everlasting and profound.»
«Do you believe that the right to privacy applies to the beginning of life and the end of life?»
«What you see is major Democratic elected officials in the state of California supporting this Republican governor,»
«I think these efforts really have been totally overwhelmed by the pervasive endemic corruption throughout the Mexican government, the Mexican police and now the Mexican military,»
«an inflated balloon -- impressive to look at but hollow at the core and easily punctured.»
«If he is going to go to war in a nation whose history shows it has never had a democracy -- it has rival tribes, it has minorities that often are antagonistic -- how we're going to create a government that's going to work and function and bring about a democracy after we've destroyed the infrastructure of the country?»
«I really don't think we're in the same position as Arizona or New Mexico because Operation Gatekeeper has been very effective,»
«It would be very difficult ... for me to vote to confirm someone whom I knew would overturn Roe v. Wade, because I remember ... what it was like when abortion was illegal in America ... As a college student at Stanford, I watched the passing of the plate to collect money so a young woman could go to Tijuana for a back-alley abortion. I knew a woman who killed herself because she was pregnant.»

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