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Letter "D" » Dewi Fortuna Anwar Quotes
«Please do not treat Indonesia as some satellite country that America can push around. Because if America is seen as too arrogant and too hectoring and beats Indonesia on the head, then I think there's going to be this nationalistic backlash.»
«We do not want to provoke a frontal confrontation between the students and the military because if that happens, the whole society loses because it would only lead to more anarchical violence.»
«I do not think that the U.N. is really perceived to be taking sides in toto, but there have been complaints that certain personnel in the U.N. seem to favor, for example, the pro-independence groups.»
«The military knows the facts of life. It doesn't have a tradition of overthrowing governments, it doesn't have credibility and we now have a democratic government.»
«There is probably a limit to freedom of expression, in that I don't think even in the United States that one can claim innocently that one is overthrowing the legal government. Clearly, the government will have to look into this.»
«We do not really see yet radical reform. This cannot be done overnight but it could be done faster.»
«It's true, it's our responsibility because we are the only ones here.»
«We condemn the act of violence and we are really concerned with what happened yesterday and we hope that it won't disturb the agenda for next week's meeting of foreign ministers.»
«The problem with Papua is: who has the legitimacy to negotiate on behalf of Papuans with the government?»
«My real fear is that there will be revenge acts. That has happened in the past. That could be very bloody and lead to more serious problems.»

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