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Letter "D" » David DeMartini Quotes
«We went into this venture taking into consideration the establishment of a brand new franchise. Our intention is to make two and three. We are trying to be epic with this experience.»
«It was hard to curb our immediate enthusiasm, but we had to do the research. Would 'The Godfather' resonate with our game consumers, and what approach would we have to take that would make it compelling as a game?»
«The Godfather is one of the most exciting, dramatic and memorable works of fiction in the world and we worked very hard to create the Godfather Interactive experience.»
«He was open from the get-go. At the time he had certain health issues that he was dealing with and I think the interactive medium was kind of an opportunity for him to continue to act.»
«Duval and Caan were not easy things to make happen, but they were very open-minded to it. They both lent very great performances to the game. You could see how they reached back and grabbed that character from . . . 30 years earlier and kind of pulled that character forward.»
«He didn't want a whole bunch of people sitting around listening to him.»
«That was an intense situation; you're trying to direct Marlon Brando. Imagine that. It was a little intimidating for him at first, but Brando would give him a jab and say 'Hey, if it's not coming out the way you want it, let me know' and they just got into it.»
«It by no means was related to his enthusiasm for the performance. He gave it everything he had.»
«We spent an afternoon with him and showed him what we had done with some other gaming properties and told him it would have been an honor and a pleasure to work with him. At the time he declined and said he wasn't interested in working with us.»
«Much like he had an opportunity to work with Puzo and kind of evolve the book into a screenplay - which obviously required some modification to what Puzo had done - I just hope that he respects that we were targeting a different customer and we're trying to keep this fiction alive. The book's a great book; the movie's Academy Award winning; and hopefully the game will get a tremendous amount of acclaim as well. Just respect each of those works for what they are, I think that's the best way for us all to look at it.»

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