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Letter "B" » Barbara Turner Quotes
«I have put together some good games or whatever, but I still don?t think it is enough because I haven?t been able to pull my team along as much as I would have liked to. You always want us to get better as a team rather than worry about individual statistics.»
«I think that shows a lot about us and a lot about our character because we easily could have just let this go just like we did the other night. But we didn't. The two 3s by Ann and Mel were the back-breakers and that's what Coach is looking for. He's looking for who's going to have the guts to step up and take those shots. And those two guys did it and that was the best thing that we could have taken out of this game.»
«You always want your team to play well no matter what you do. I have put together some good games, but I still don't think it's enough, because I haven't been able to pull my team along as much as I would have liked to.»
«We've had games where we've been close (to being complete). We've had games where we've not been anywhere near on the same planet. But it's just a matter of us really, really concentrating. And when we do we look so good. We can have six possessions in a row where we look like the best team in the country. And then we'll go through these stretches where it's like, 'Man, what are we doing out there?' And that's what it felt like (Wednesday).»
«If she can have a good stretch the next four games going into the Big East tournament, it will get her some endurance and get her some conditioning, and it will help our team. We need her a lot. She?s our one true center; our one true big body. And every team around the country needs that one true center. Every team that?s successful and wins national championships has one so, obviously, we?re going to need her.»
«She just had that confidence that when she caught it, she was going to knock it in. Tonight, she had that hot hand, and it pretty much carried us through the second half.»
«She had that confidence that when she caught it, she was going to knock it in. I think our ball movement in the second half got her a lot of open looks. And tonight she had the hot hand, which pretty much carried us through the second half.»
«(Strother) just had that confidence that she thought she was going to knock it in. (Sunday) she had that hot hand and it pretty much carried us in the second half. We've been looking for somebody that's going to step up and make those big shots. She did it (Sunday). And to her credit, that's why we won.»
«This is a great environment. This is one of the best places to play at in our league and it's tough. You just have to be ready to fight through everything and just band together. It's just us 15 and that's the way you have to treat it and that's the way we do it.»
«It's not always going to be pretty. It's about winning right now. We have three games left in the season. ... We're trying to win the Big East, so you have to take it for what it's worth. Take it as a win and not worry about it.»

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