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Letter "A" » Andrei Illarionov Quotes
«Alexander Nikolayevich was a defender ? a defender of our country, of democracy, of freedom of people ? of specific people ? and all of us.»
«Neo-imperialist trends in foreign policy have strengthened, and energy has been used as a weapon to achieve those goals.»
«This is a state model with the participation of state corporations, which although they are public in name and status, are managed above all for their own personal interests.»
«It is one thing to work in a partially free country such as Russia was six years ago. But it is quite another when the country has ceased to be politically free.»
«This year, Russia has become a different country. It is no longer a democratic country. It is no longer a free country.»
«I considered it important to remain here at this post as long as I had the possibility to do something, including speaking out. Until recently, no one put any restrictions on me expressing my point of view. Now the situation has changed.»
«These quasi-state corporations are in fact driven by private interests while taking advantage of their state status and privileges. The state has come to serve the interests of several corporations instead of the majority of citizens.»
«Energy weapons are being used against neighbors. The move toward a policy of imperialism ... has a clear and high price that will eventually be paid by the citizens of a nation that embarks on the imperialist path.»
«Russia will deliver energy supplies only to those it likes, only to those regimes who are friendly with Russia.»
«Energy weapons are being used against neighbors.»

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