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Letter "A" » Alvin Toffler Quotes
«You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment.»
Author: Alvin Toffler (Author) | Keywords: data, distrust
«Profits, like sausages... are esteemed most by those who know least about what goes into them.»
Author: Alvin Toffler (Author) | About: Profit | Keywords: esteemed, profits, sausages
«The Law of Raspberry Jam: the wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets.»
Author: Alvin Toffler (Author) | About: Culture | Keywords: jam, jammed, jams, raspberry, thinner, wider
«Like adequate education, freedom of expression is no longer a political nicety, but a precondition for economic competitiveness»
«Parenthood remains the greatest single preserve of the amateur.»
Author: Alvin Toffler (Author) | Keywords: parenthood
«Future shock [is] the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.»
«You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.»
Author: Alvin Toffler (Author) | Keywords: go in
«Man has a limited biological capacity for change. When this capacity is overwhelmed, the capacity is in future shock.»
«It is better to err on the side of daring than the side of caution.»
Author: Alvin Toffler (Author) | Keywords: caution, daring, err, on the side
«Anyone nit-picking enough to write a letter of correction to an editor doubtless deserves the error that provoked it.»

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