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Letter "A" » Allan Lichtman Quotes
«The notion of limited government and frugal government has been shattered by this administration, which cares far less about limited government than it does in building conservative government - a government with huge payoffs to corporate America.»
«This is a very tough one to turn around,»
«selling out the American people on behalf of a very few, big corporate interests.»
«Our best presidents have really combined domestic leadership with heroic achievements in foreign affairs or war.»
«Second term presidencies have been remarkably difficult in the post-war era.»
«A lot of Richard Nixon's very dangerous and un-democratic tendencies were reinforced by the sounding board of his top aides, including people who went to jail, like his attorney general, John Mitchell, his top domestic aides, Erlichman and Haldeman.»
«Maybe second term presidents have been on the mountaintop too long, breathing rarified air, and think they can do anything.»
«Bush has to give a compelling reason to voters to make a change. In times of peace and prosperity, the incumbent party has all the trump cards.»
«[The White House maintains it had no role in any DNC fund-raising. But one expert calls that] passing the buck. ... Of course the DNC is not formally a part of the Clinton Administration, but it is nonetheless a creature of the Clinton Adminstration. They should cease the fiction that the DNC is somehow independent from the president and the Democrats.»
«Ahh -- Fred Fielding -- the new consensus choice. (He was) John Dean's deputy. He knew it all.»

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