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YOGA The term Yoga has a few meanings. Itís both a school of thought in the Hindu religion, and a system of mental and physical exercise developed by this school. All forms of yoga originated in India. People who follow this school, and practice any form of yoga are called yogis, or yogins. Students study under prolonged and careful guidance of the teacher, known as the guru. The first syllable ďgu,Ē in Sanskrit means …

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…teaches simple ways to improve your breathing and posture. It provides a range of conditioning and stretch exercises. Anyone any age can do it. If youíre bored easily, it has 84,000 posture variations. Yoga teaches a person many things. If youíre tense, itíll teach you to relax. Itís a natural tranquilizer. It will even challenge the most advanced student. Yoga is merely a catalyst that activates the healing power we all possess.